Pluralism and freedom of expression
Introduction*, July 2006

issue : AT n°1 - 2006
author: Alternative tibetaine
file : Pluralism
other language: French

Alternative tibétaine (Tibetan Alternative) is devoted to introduce and promote the Tibetan political thinking in its plurality and particulary the expression of its national identity. More simply, the aim is to restore the power of speech to the Tibetan people, especially to the supporters of independence. First and foremost because this movement of thinking does exist and is unknown and misunderstood in France as well through French language.

Secondly because a common idea seems to imply that a consensus exists, for example on the basis of the official policy of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile in Dharamsala. Actually, the Tibetan opinion is not uniform and, if this consensus seems to exist, it is in an artificial way. Neither it is only a matter of self censure, nor even really a matter of covered or indirect censure, because these voices do express themselves. It is above all a problem of looking and listening, a lack of knowledge, a lack of culture. So Alternative tibétaine intends to compensate for a lack. And, in a more "positive" way, to enlarge and enrich one's horizon.

On the issue of independence, Alternative tibétaine has no aim to become involved in this fight, but to make its expression free and to facilitate its analysis. Each author gets its own convictions and can express himself here. Except the question of looking and listening, the one of legibility and of free and audible expression is as important.

Finally, in the context of current confusion, where many people fear to qualify as impasse a "process of dialogue" improperly identified to "negociations" - as Beijing makes it clear -, the independence option outlines an alternative and offers a potential choice of strategies to anybody able to "listen" and to "look".

So these are the objectives of Alternative tibétaine. It addresses to all the Tibetans as well as to non-Tibetan people, to the activists, to simple watchers and people curious or more viscerally inspired to better understand the Tibetan issue and its complexity. And to see, next day, this issue not to be one any more.

At this time, Alternative tibétaine is an annual publication - a "real" newspaper of 32 pages (5000 copies). Except the translation of Tibetan authors, we associate to this enterprise of reflection and analysis other authors - non-Tibetan these ones - to share this experience we have set our heart on : the pluralism of views and the freedom of expression.

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* This is not the complete translation of the first issue editorial, only a short introduction.