Selected articles

Selected articles about democratic process in exile, in the perspective of the upcoming PM and MPs elections (1rst round Oct. 2010 - 2nd round March 2011).
Other topics: retrospective of the 2008 Special meeting.


Tibetan Elections 2010-2011

Look to the parliament, not the Kalon Tripa
by Bhuchung K. Tsering (2010)

Perfect democracy or political solution?
by Bhuchung K. Tsering (2010)

Personality v. Policy
by Tibetan Political Review (2010)

Improving elections, improving democracy
by Nima R.T. Binara (2010)

Democracy in exile: is civil society the answer?
by Tsetan Dorjee (2010)

Waiting for Mangtso III
by Jamyang Norbu (2010)

Waiting for Mangtso II
by Jamyang Norbu (2009)

Waiting for Mangtso I
by Jamyang Norbu (2009)

The challenge of Rangzen
by Mathieu Vernerey (2007)

Tibetan MPs interviewed about democracy
K. Yeshi, P. Tsering, K.Choephel (2007)

Mangtso: our democratic vision
by Tenzin Tsundue (2004)

by Tibetan Youth Congress (2004)

Democratise or be damned
by Pema Thinley (1997)

Religion - Politics

Dalai Lama's retirement statement
by Bhuchung K. Tsering (2010)

Secularism could be our solution
by Tenzin Nyinjey (2008)

Tibetan religion and politics
by Samten G. Karmay (2008)

The Jewel in the Ballot Box
by Jamyang Norbu (2007)

After the Dalai Lama
by Jamyang Norbu (2002)


Special Meeting 2008

15-point agenda for Rangzen
by Lukar Jam

The Tibetan resolution
by Tenzin Tsundue

Different views of the way ahead for Tibet
by Tsering Woeser

A new Middle Way based on Rangzen
by Mathieu Vernerey

Legitimacy of Rangzen
by Tashi Phuntsok

Middle Way metamorphosis
by Jamyang Norbu

Justice Too Long Delayed
by Josh Schrei

Put "complete" independence on the agenda again
by Tsewang Norbu

Rangzen - Yes we can
by Thondup Tsering

Why the Middle Way approach failed
by Tashi Phuntsok

Making the November meeting work
by Jamyang Norbu

Rangzen beckons again
by Samdup Tenzin